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CPUProdigy is a full-service technology provider that delivers Web, Software, and Information Technology solutions.
We work with businesses across a diverse range of industries to help reduce cost and increase productivity.

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Provide high quality solutions to meet the technology needs of businesses

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Solve all of your technology related challenges at a cost-efficient budget

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Zack J. Honig

Zack J Honig

Professional Profile

An award-winning software engineer with unparalleled success in multi-faceted enterprise software products, web applications, information technology, new business acquisition and retention, and applying strong analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills. A creative problem-solver who “sees the big picture,” masters the details and achieves immediate and long-term operational goals. Financed education as a computer science tutor working nights, weekends and summers. Regarded for accuracy, integrity, and excellence in software engineering.

B.S., Computer Science

Concentration: Option Leadership in Innovation and Computing

Generate over $325,000 in new revenues

Ensure projects are delivered on schedule and under budget

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